demolition3Out with the old and in with the new. Demolition is one of the services that Roberts Trucking provides clients in order to fulfill our desire to meet the diverse needs that construction sites commonly require. With no job too large or too small, Roberts Trucking is here to serve.

While any construction project is hazardous and contains the possibility of many risks, demolition is a highly dangerous activity that involves careful planning and attention to detail. In addition to client satisfaction, safety is always a top priority at Roberts Trucking.

One of the common misconceptions is that demolition is synonymous with deconstruction. While deconstruction involves the necessity of preserving certain material aspects for the intended purposes of reuse, demolition refers to the concept of merely tearing down buildings as well as other existing structures.

In order to ensure the protection of our clients, employees, and community, Roberts Trucking ensures that proper safety regulations are in place and carried out accordingly. These measures span from the planning stages of how to execute a requested project to properly training employees and providing the necessary safety equipment.

As mentioned, environmental safety is also a huge concern for Roberts Trucking. Part of the demolition process involves certain testing and treatment, such as those required for asbestos. It also involves the removal of hazardous materials, obtaining necessary permits, and other technical facets. With over 36 years of experience, Roberts Trucking clients can trust we will get their demolition done and done right.